Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This past weekend was a busy and fun one :)

On Thursday morning my family and I, along with our homeschooling group from our church, went on a field trip to an apple picking orchard a few hours away. It's somewhat of a tradition with the group so we were glad to be a part of it. Around three years ago, we also joined them, but that time it was so cold and rainy. It was still a lot of fun, but this year the weather was absolutely beautiful! And you could really see autumn taking place there, with the different colors of the leaves on the trees. The apple orchard is tucked right between the mountains, so the sight was very pretty. We now have a whole basketful of delicious, sweet, and tangy apples! Best part is, they taste so much better than the ones from the grocery... They're so good :)

And on that same day, after picking apples and then eating lunch, we were off to College Days at the college I'm planning to go to. It was a few days of seeing what the college was like, in the perspective of not just a visitor, but as a college student. I was nervous at attending it by myself, since usually they're attended by youth groups, and here I was, the only one from my church. They were actually hesitant, during regristration when I got there. The girl I spoke to was like, "Um, we only have one signed up from that church..." And of course, with a shy grin... "Thaaaaat's me!" Haha. And so I was off to get my souvenirs, a bag of their brochures, a college t-shirt, and of course, my official college slinky ;D
Thankfully, I knew some college students that went to that college (who had attended the camp I went to in Okinawa, as counselors) and I was able to dorm with one of them which was such a blessing... I was already scared enough, going there by myself, but they, including my other "roomies" made me feel really welcome. And on top of that, when I first arrived, I met some girls from a church that one of our friends in Okinawa used to attend. We had visited that church once as well. One girl was a freshman attending the college, and she made me really welcome, and I'm so sure that God placed her in that bookstore at the right time! She was showing around these other girls (also there for college days) and there I just "happened to be there"! God's so good :) And so I spent a lot of time with them the rest of my stay there.
And now if I wrote every detail of my trip, it'd take quite a while, so I'll just tell my story in pictures...

"My" dorm-
College Days Theme-

The girls I met (Yes, of course they're Filipino! Well, except for the tall one, but she still counts since she loves Filipino food :D)-Alumni Basketball Game-

One of my friends, who I met in Okinawa and her boyfriend-

The college's newest building, where I sat in for some classes-

The humongous-est choir I've ever seen-

One of the best parts- Filipino Friday @ lunch! Yum, Kare-kare :P

My other friend (her sister is the one in the other pic) in her dorm-