Friday, October 10, 2008

Thoughts on Wednesday Night...

(Thought I'd separate this from my other post)

Tonight during the message with the teens, during the "Question and Answer" time... One of the girls there asked, what I think, an issue that was pretty hard for her to voice. I give her props for being strong enough to say what she did. Though I'm not sure whether or not she was born again, she asked a kind of question I'm sure many of us ask, though maybe most of us just don't make it known to everyone that we feel that way, for fear of being criticized.

She was somewhat angry with her father who had left her when she was only born, someone who she had only met this year. She said of how he was doing most everything right until her mother died, then he just let go of his life, eventually ruining his life, and in turn his daughter's also. This was something very personal to her, and as she asked it her voice began to break and she began to cry. She asked how one person can go from doing so much good and all of a sudden do a 360 degree turn and just turn from all the good in his life, after such a big tragedy. Our youth director found her honesty and transparency to be a very brave thing, it isn't usual for a teenager to simply voice those type of thoughts in front of her peers. He gave an answer that I found wouldn't only apply to her, but to many who are on their spiritual walk, something that I could take with me when I'm at low points in my life (such as some sad times in our recent move).

He answered by saying how there's no other way he can think of to respond that other than by saying that after tragedies as that, the only One we can run to for perfect peace is Jesus. I find myself sometimes questioning the certain circumstances I'm in and how I can escape those depressing feelings and then I realize I can't always run to my friends, and my parents are always there for my support, but the only One who will fully take away the fear, hurt, or worry is Him. I found myself in tears as she told her story, 'cause here I am, with godly parents, a good church, friends of positive influence, a good Christian education, and still complaining that my life isn't how I want it to be. But here is a girl, with true pain, who doesn't have someone to turn to like I do. Someone without the assurance of a heaven, someone who can't find perfect peace 'cause she as she grieves for her earthly father, there is a heavenly Father grievig for her, and just waiting for her to come to Him. My hurt for her, and if you all could, please keep her in your prayers. I hope to be an encouragement to her, if I can face my fears and talk to someone I don't know. I'm thankful for that perfect peace I can get as one of the benefits of being one of His daughters.

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