Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random :)

It's another pretty sunshiney desert kinda day. It doesn't rain much here, like in Oki. The weather isn't as moody here as it is over there- pouring one moment and then the blindin' sun the next :) But I must say, I do miss those tropical breezes... The sticky humidity... The beautiful orange-pink sun setting on the long deep blue horizon of the ocean, seen from our balcony.

Oh, how I miss it.

Anyways, just got home from getting a shot! It was one of the last things I had to get done for my college application. That, and my picture. After I get my pic developed, I'm going to send it off in the mail, with much hope and prayer. I've been praying for a while now about what college I'l be attending. Since this school is close to "home" (referring to our current duty station), parents-appoved, and has the same beliefs, it feels as if this is where God's directing me to. It's not the college most of my friends are going to, something that's going to be pretty hard for me, but I'm sure God will work it out for the best.

Now that I don't have my school materials yet, I've been spending a lot more time reading, studying for SATs, and playing guitar. Just realized the thrill you can get out of a guitar :) So much fun... I don't know that many chords, so I just bear with what I do know (which isn't much!), but it's a great way to pass some time, since I'm piano-less at the moment :( Hehe. And besides killin' time, it's also a good way to make your fingers sore :P My left hand fingers are not all that used to all that pressure on those metal strings, but the music that comes out is pretty worth it :)

While I'm posting, I just wanted to say happy birthday to a dear friend of mine. Pretty sure you won't read this, but if you do, know that I'm prayin' you had a wonderful day. Trust in God and pray always. Only He knows what lies ahead of you, so just give Him everything...

And with that, I'm off to the books again. Or book, that is. The gi-normous one that will "Guarantee a better SAT score!", or so the title says :)



Dianne said...

aoWell that sounds like days in my life except the college thing ggl.
I love playing piano,flute,and I mess around on the guitar.
But my first love has to be PIANO.
Have a Good Day!!!

Rebekah said...

Are you going to PCC or somewhere else?? In case you didn't know, I used to live up there too...which is how I know our mutual friends (I mean my friends/cousins/sisters Dianne and Danny, you know). No, I'm not a military kid, but I once moved 4 times in less than 3 years...I so know what you mean. It's really, really tough to move like that from somewhere you totally love to somewhere different. I *sooo* did not want to leave YV, but the Good Lord has a plan for it all, He knows best. And I agree with you -- thank God for the internet! And for phones! :) lol

So take heart, it gets better. It doesn't always hurt as much. It will always hurt some, but over time it will get a little better, especially if you get to talk with your old friends every now and then...

It was nice meeting you also, and I intend to keep reading your blog! Say hi to the girls for me. I'm actually coming out to visit them one last time next week, but I won't be there over a Sunday so I probably won't get to meet you in real life... :(

Danielle said...

Hey,fun girl,we tried out a church today and it was so Cool.We met a really nice Russian girl named Yanna.She wants to take me and Kryssy snowboarding!!!!!!
I hope everything is fine for you!